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parent: boring friends

Re: boring friends by Betsy on 2003-09-19 05:46:02

I would like to set the record straight, I was actually on holiday with these people and the man in question (J)it started off that we went on holiday together just me and him for a laugh. He would do things like leave me in a club on my own without telling me where he went, I know that where he went was back to the hotel to play around the lighthouse on his own with all the doors and windows locked because he could not find a lifegaurd to rescue his seamen, so infact I know from first hand experience I spent most of the holiday pissed up on my own or with the fun girls from brum untill they got cock and left me on me on my own too. Sausage!!!! by the way where is betsy???? can any one help we are starting a campaign to find betsy the dog.

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