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(Rico)Blast from the past! by Wash! on 2003-09-25 10:29:35

Aiiee, me woz in da bookshop today, an 'oo did i see but me main woman, representin' Chattham-side, Kent: Clemmie from the Lloret massive!!!! I has talked to the fine joolie for a bit, and we has exchanged numbers, so i is thinkin of catchin up wid her nuff soon. Me don't wanna get in her muff dis time though! Nuff said, respec' to the Kent massive, and peace-out! Bo!

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Re: (Rico)Blast from the past! by Goau on 2003-09-28 18:28:15  |  Reply to this
  Sorry did someone just let Ali G in here? whoever it was, please go and shoot yourself! thanks, nice though, did she mention the others i.e. shaun muff and epileptic fit girl?
Re: (Rico)Blast from the past! by Ali W! on 2003-09-29 07:40:07  |  Reply to this
  No, she dint say nuffin bout Shaun Muff (aiieee). But she was saying how Ep-fit-bird's son is now nearly 2 years old!!!! Shes not as good mates with them now as she was, but, yeah, all in all, great to see her. And apparently, according to my Italian mate, she wasnt bad looking. According to me, she was better than in Lloret, but not what you'd call Fit!
Re: (Rico)Blast from the past! by Wash on 2003-10-03 05:56:47  |  Reply to this
  Talking of Rico, can we have some news of him posted on the net. Calling people will be easier once we get the land line in. I texted him, but got no reply. How's he, and the poor joolie, gettting on?

By the way (;-)), Goau! That text message i sent you at 4am the other night... aiieee, we like something un poco diferente! Won't be repeating that though. Still, a valid mark on both the international and continental challenge!