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parent: Goau, If You Only Buy One Thing This Week

Re: Goau, If You Only Buy One Thing This Week by JohnnyG on 2003-10-13 23:56:35

When I recognized in my euphoric stupor that yes, Peter Buck is at the other table in my favorite hole-in-the-wall Ruta Maya I had to yell "What the fuck do rednecks in Athens GA have in common with REM?". Peter flashed a sincere smile and chuckled a bit and then proceeded to continue his conversation with the hosts at his table. I thought "That's not the response I expected but somehow it seems the perfect reaction". No point to this observation really. REM is uncategorizable and Pete's response just reaffirmed that notion. (REM performed for me and about 20,000 other Austinites last month in Zilker Park for Austin City Limits Fest and it was memorable to the extreme in that they played for an astounding length of time (2.5 hours with a couple intermissions) in a manner most pleasantly relaxed yet technically perfect). I'll be seeking this recording Kid-->thank you!

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