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parent: The future was explained to me today.

Re: The future was explained to me today. by JohnnyG on 2003-10-16 22:10:02

tommie, brilliant reply. My optimism is quite pathologic and I'm proud of the fact. I love gadgets. That's a big part of my occupation. Technology is a blessing to human kind from human beings. In my study of history I reflect on the general resistance of the human being to change. Change, to those who think themselves progressive, is of course a constant in life and embraced for what it is; betterment in the category of progressing. Love is an emotion. I have a love for technological advancement. Yes, I do make a living from what my occupation requires of me but it would be absolute cynicism to think that the monetary returns are what motivate me in my pursuits. Engineering better circuits to move information more quickly and in paths which allow solutions to be reached more accurately is what I live for in my work. A man came to my place of employment who is quite obviously more educated than me with a "vision" of the future which signifiacntly relates to the "micro" part of my work in the "macro" scheme of things and severely altered my perception of how I contribute to society. I find now that I'm much more satisfied in what I'm doing. So many cultures and societies are represented at work (India/Britain/Germany/China/France......) but one thing remains a constant within our company culture: the betterment of the human condition. Rest assured the next generation will benefit from our activity. Please don't contemplate the use of nuclear weapons, that part of our shared future is a sickening wild card with no predictable outcome.

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