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Good Friends by Simma on 2003-10-23 11:20:26

What you think is a good friend.

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Re: Good Friends by Kid on 2003-10-23 11:34:10  |  Reply to this
  Wash, have you been heating up gradually? Or just changing your name. Or is coincidence afoot?

Whatever, I refer people to my diary entry of yesterday.

Re: Good Friends by Wash! on 2003-10-24 09:54:27  |  Reply to this
  This is coincidence in the extreme!! I haven't been heating up gradually at all, i've been boiling hot all day - a little to do with dehydration following last night. And, refering to my email, my plan was a success, though not a franšaise, but an anglo-espa˝ola. Loved the "heating up gradually" gag. So much so that i'm going to treat you to a joke i received by SMS yesterday.....>
Re: Re: Good Friends by Kid. on 2003-10-25 00:43:37  |  Reply to this
  Nice funky nasal 'n'. How'd you gather that badboy in?
Re: Re: Re: Good Friends by Wash! on 2003-10-26 11:54:51  |  Reply to this
  It aint nasal, as much as it is a "ny", alla Phil when slightly irritated, though to less of an extreme. Did it in word and copied/ pasted it. For future reference, however, press "Ctr" + "Shift" + "hash/squiggle". Let go, and then press "n"
Re: Good Friends by Wash! on 2003-10-24 09:55:44  |  Reply to this
  Sophie Ellis Bextor has been found dead in a French footballer's room. Police are treating it as murder on Zidane's floor.
Re: Re: Good Friends by Wash! on 2003-10-24 09:58:51  |  Reply to this
  Oh come on, you gotta at least titter! I'll send you the other one by SMS, which, unless you have PDC real-time connected, you'll have already read by the time you read this entry.
Re: Re: Re: Good Friends by Kid on 2003-10-25 00:42:26  |  Reply to this
  Yeah, but I preferred the Bextor one to the other one. Even though it was probably slightly weaker. Arrived on the train it did. Oh, and you're gonna love the essay I've written. Its awesome. Touch dodgy in places, but great. And it really scared a German woman the speed I was writing at.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Good Friends by Wash! on 2003-10-29 09:05:23  |  Reply to this
  When will i see the essay? Or hear about it? Or have an update about life on your diary. Come hither, dude, and update me. Regarding our to-ing and fro-ing of 'essays', i may actually soon have ce que je cherchais. Didnt get to scare any German women though. Always a downer.

Re: Good Friends by Wash! on 2003-10-29 09:13:33  |  Reply to this
  Read this upside down...

MON'''X35 p33u ! hUJ0H O5 W'I
35V37d 3W d73H

(with thanks to meganoons)
Re: Re: Good Friends by Kid on 2003-10-29 15:10:58  |  Reply to this
  Shouldn't this be in the 'things I need to pass the time' section?
Re: Re: Re: Good Friends by Wash! on 2003-10-30 02:13:37  |  Reply to this
  That section should exist!
Re: Good Friends by Wash! on 2003-11-04 06:05:37  |  Reply to this
  Kid, Ringo, GOAU, Skiddy: i love you guys!
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