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Re: Re: Piercings and tatoos! by tommie on 2003-10-28 06:13:22

What you need to start thinking about is what you think would look good on your body and where you want to put it. Don't just go to the tattoo shop and look through flash (the pre-drawn commercial selections), but think of something original that would be proud to display. Looking through flash can give you some ideas/inspiration, but I suggest aspiring for something unique. While you may want to draw it yourself, a really good, reputable artist will sit down with you and start sketching while you talk about your ideas. Getting the right artist is critical! Don't you live in Austin? If you want, I can try to get a reference for you. And PLEASE don't get oriental lettering. It's way too common and Jesus, how do you know what it really says? The chart may show a character it states means "patience" but are you really sure it doesn't mean "I'm an idiot?" I must admit that one time I considered getting the character(s) for "fuck you", so that when someone asked me what it meant I could tell 'em!

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