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Re: Re: Piercings and tatoos! by JohnnyG on 2003-10-30 11:58:13

Some will have difficulty determining the extent of my exaggerations when I write for the sake of merriment but I think tommie you know me well enough to conclude I will stick strictly to heroin for pain reduction. The matter of 'pain threshold' is highly individual. A sizzling red hot poker to the nipple may feel cold to JohnnyQ but to JohnnyG it will feel hot and uncomfortable and so a good strong dose of smack will take care of the discomfort. No,no,no,no.......tommie, of course I'll have a shot of tequila before the procedure but no CNS-messer-depressers, I will be in full control of my faculties. As in the video I observed, there is 'intense' pain at skin contact if the skin is not numbed with topical anesthetic. The surface area of the brand also plays a role in the number of nerve endings affected. Thanks tommie for your input. Hey, you got the phone # for Fakir??

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Re: Re: Re: Piercings and tatoos! by JohnnyG on 2003-10-30 12:05:07  |  Reply to this
  One other item to note. A brand can be done by taking a soldering type instrument and tracing the contours of a design onto skin or in this case, a cast design on stainless steel plate which is 'imprinted' onto the skin through high temp. Sound like fun?