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WASH! by d.- on 2003-11-07 15:52:42

... I got to thinking the other day -- just what does WASH! stand for? White Anglo Saxon Horticulturist?

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Re: WASH! by Kid on 2003-11-07 16:18:36  |  Reply to this
  I can tell you the 'Wash' story if you really want. I'm a bit upset you were thinking about the recently (by me) spoken to fool than me, but I'll get over it.

I've got Stevie Wonder now, after all.
Re: Re: WASH! by d.- on 2003-11-08 15:43:47  |  Reply to this
  ... and Stevie Wonder has you, too. Don't be upset. This too shall pass. The holidays are near and there's goodwill to be had! Slowly we turn.

Re: WASH! by Wash! on 2003-11-10 07:23:21  |  Reply to this
  Well, d.-, it all came around at the bus stop one fine day, while me and my good friend Kid were still naive, immature youths. (OK, i speak for myself, and not really about Kid - he came of age quicker than most, but i'd like to bring him down with me anyway). We wanted steady names for this place, without writing our real names, to avoid being amongst the realms of Prendy, Prendy's dog, Foster Caffrey searchers, and Lou Christie fantasisers. I'm not proud to tell you where "Wash!" came from, but at the time, we found "Washington Foreskins" quite a humorous play on words. However, as i grew in age, and in stature, and as my hair gradually got shorter and shorter, this evolved into simpy "Wash!" When reading "Wash!" i'd much prefer you didn't think of the original version, and just take me for who i am now... one of the PDC faithful: your friend, Wash!

White Anglo Saxon Horticulturist was a fine guess, and quite true, had you been talking about my dad, a keen gardner. Lose the "rticulturist" and you're more there for me. x
Re: Re: WASH! by Kid on 2003-11-10 11:12:38  |  Reply to this
  Two things. Surely that kind of hoe has an 'e', too? And you didn't mention your adding of an exclamation mark, which is my favourite part of your name. Its the way it always makes me go "Wash!" out loud, or at least in an internally surprised fashion. That's all.
Re: Re: Re: WASH! by Wash! on 2003-11-11 04:07:12  |  Reply to this
  Yeah, the exclamation mark adds a little character to the name. Otherwise, i'd just be a large mass of water not too far from you. Far enough, however, that its worth commenting when Krish wants to put his socks in the wash.
Re: Re: Re: Re: WASH! by Kid on 2003-11-11 09:10:28  |  Reply to this
  Next, on Wash! learns basic Geography; Somerset.
Hit me with the cheese-making cider-swilling Taunton-having home of Goldie, then, man.
Re: Re: WASH! by Shlong on 2003-11-16 06:32:23  |  Reply to this
  I often wondered...
Re: WASH! by GOAU on 2003-11-10 12:15:30  |  Reply to this
  I know we've had this discussion a million times before, but what about the other two, Ringo* and Skiddy? We all,(or at least 5 of us) know where GOAU came from (Yes Nottingham is correct) but the name GOAU for those who don't know is the letters taken from the Registration Number, or for our friends over the pond, license plate of my first car, a brown ford escort (G972 OAU) ... oh the memories! Don't think NVVU goes very well (my current car) so GOAU stuck! Dismissed.... NEXT!
Re: WASH! by d.- on 2003-11-10 16:37:28  |  Reply to this
  I love ALL my English Potatoes! (Note: make mine Bubble n' Squeak!) eek!
Re: Re: WASH! by Kid on 2003-11-12 15:16:44  |  Reply to this
  This isn't really worthy of a new topic, but I made a really good stuffed peppers yesterday - it was the sweet pepper filling that did it. Can I make yours that instead?

On an unrelated but interesting point, I constantly feel both hungry and nauseous at the moment, its like that feeling of intense guilt, but for reasons I can't think, although I did screw up some stuff at work today - its all remedied now though.
Re: Re: Re: WASH! by d.- on 2003-11-14 14:59:08  |  Reply to this
  You may! -- that filling sounds Ab-Fab!
Re: Re: Re: Re: WASH! by Kid, on 2003-11-14 16:25:48  |  Reply to this
  Thanks, it means...well, it'd mean more if you praised it having tasted it. But its nice to know it appeals.

I make a mean (and appropriate - are you involved in the bad weather (understatement alert)) thick vegetable soup. Takes ages, though.

Re: WASH! by Wash! on 2003-11-11 09:59:48  |  Reply to this
  Just got a message from Tobby, who's watching the Simpsons with...

(der der derdle der DUM, de-dehhhh)..
I'm checkin' in
He's checkin' in
I'm checkin' in
Checker-checkin' in...

Respec' to the Weitz-meister!
Re: Re: WASH! by Kid. on 2003-11-11 13:45:51  |  Reply to this
  Nice work indeed. I've never seen the derdles written down...but it looks good. I've just got an e-mail from a certain ex-housemate of mine who is planning a visit soonish. Didn't warn me or anything, just a "you know the score - coming down on the 13th". I ought to make him pay for it, but he's off to New York sharpish after it, and I'll miss him when he's gone.
Re: WASH! by Wash! on 2003-11-13 04:41:04  |  Reply to this
  And talking of the Weitz-meister, guess who's coming home on Saturday??? (Home being here)... He is!! That's all!!

Other news: Why the hell would anyone want to buy an acre of land on Mars for 20?
a) What's the point?
b)Who's is it to sell?
c)Do you think if i bought one, and maybe in 50 years, when space travel might be possible, i could go to Mars, built a hotel, and charge ridiculous amounts for people to stay there, and lets face it, they would, coz it'd be Mars, baby! And then i'd be rich, come back down to Earth, and blow the lot on a mansion and living expenses for life, for me and all my family and friends on the Spanish coast.

Just a thought.
Re: Re: WASH! by Wash! on 2003-11-13 04:42:56  |  Reply to this
  Info, in case you're wanting to know more, or interested in this once in a lifetime (not) opportunity...

How is this possible? In 1980, an American called Dennis M Hope had the bright idea of laying claim to land on the moon and forming the 'Lunar Embassy'. Under the 'Outer Space Treaty' of 1967, it was decreed that no country could lay claim to the moon, but they forgot to say that no human being could do so! Although several attempts have been made to change the space treaty, none have been successful and Mr Hope has won several challenges in court. He filed his claim for the land with the United States Government, the then Government of Russia and most importantly, with the United Nations General Assembly. Lunar Deed, which confirms your registration of one acre of the moon and gives you the co-ordinates of your plot. Lunar Map so you can see where, on the lit side of the moon, your property is located. The Lunar Constitution and Bill of Rights - as drawn up by Dennis M Hope. A transcript of the Declaration of Ownership. This is the document filed with the governments of the USA and Russia (then the USSR) along with the United Nations General Assembly in 1980 in which Dennis M Hope first laid claim to the moon. Documents confirming you have the mineral rights to your land. You can expect to receive your moon pack within 14 - 21 days from the time we receive your order."
Re: Re: Re: WASH! by d.- on 2003-11-15 15:00:15  |  Reply to this
  What?! -- no swampland on Mars for sale as well? Schade... this idea is about as idiotic as the inevitable dunderheads who will undoubtedly purchase the aforementioned land! It's about as stupid as the very real opportunity to buy a star (in space) and name it yourself! I am not kidding! And there's no way of knowing if the star you actually purchase hasn't already burned out a zillion light years ago! and you're just buying emptiness and some 'certificate of authenticity' proving just what an idiot you really are!
Re: Re: WASH! by d.- on 2003-11-15 14:48:56  |  Reply to this
  ... and a loverly thought it is indeed! So I'm making my reservation now -- coastal view with a balcon, third floor, real flowers and plants all about and brighter colors than tradicional maroon and dark green (my LEAST favorite colors thank you very much!) Oh -- and NO heavy iron/wood crosses over my bed {to kill me in my sleep} please. Elsewhere about is fine, though. Let's see... no early calls, no maid service, no nothing 'til noon (or until I say so). Nice, fluffy towels and a comfy bed too! Thanks. Regards, d.-