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parent: Fennel.

Re: Fennel. by Wash! on 2003-11-26 10:43:27

Fill me in here, people! I'm down with the different spellings of licorice, flavour et al. but oh-what-the-hell-is fennel?? Am i too uncutlured, or is it an american thang?

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Re: Re: Fennel. by Kid on 2003-11-26 11:01:44  |  Reply to this
  Fennel was the name of one of my sister's pet hamsters. It is also a vegetable/herb....probably more former than latter. I'm sure someone can find a link. American it is not, but it is not the most commonly used of the cookery ingredients. Ask Ronce about it, he'll know all, though he's probably not grown any because of its (relatively) infrequent use in cookery - unless it is really wanted, of course.
Re: Re: Fennel. by Amelia on 2003-12-03 13:25:14  |  Reply to this
  Fennel is a plant that grows wild in a Mediterranean climate. The seeds are dried to use as a spice all year long, most notably in Sicilian-style sausages. But the plant itself has a bulbous stalk, a pithy center, and long, feathery leaves. The whole thing is edible, and resemebles celery in texture and structure, though the flavor is lighter and sweeter and, well, a bit licorice-like. It is mostly served raw, either as a crudité or in salads, but it can also be cooked in a number of ways and served hot or cold.