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Re: Re: Fennel. by Kid on 2003-11-29 15:45:00

I've been after some anise seeds for ages now, I've only found one place I can get them - they've been on my Christmas list for an age.
But yes, liquorice and aniseed are different. You can tell best when you get them in their natural form - the smells illustrate (can smells illustrate? Yes...I suppose so, smells are our most powerful memory triggers) it best. The flavourings of things get it confused...I like them both.
At this junction, I don't want Wash to tell the story he will tell eventually in this section. Oh, and Wash? Our outgoing calls have been stopped or I would've called you this week. When they get back I'll give you a buzz. We didn't pay our bill. Laziness.

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Re: Re: Re: Fennel. by Wash! on 2003-11-30 04:29:41  |  Reply to this
  I can't think which story you're thinking of! Oh wait, does it have anything to do with Le Bol d'Or?? Or ice hole?? I'm confused, i'll give it some thought. On a separate note, i despise both liquorice and aniseed. Rancid flavours, they are. And aniseed tends to give me a headachey sensation.

Talking of headaches, i have one now, and have pretty much an entire module to learn (not revise, learn) for an assessed test tomorrow. I really should have reead more than one of the books. Later, W!
Re: Re: Re: Fennel. by d.- on 2003-11-30 14:51:05  |  Reply to this
  searched and found > botanical.com