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parent: I like Beans

Re: I like Beans by Swarthmore College, PA on 2003-12-05 22:16:00

I love beans. They are so good. I eat them every chance I get. Some people don't like beans as much as I do, and those people suck. They say to me, Jonathan, why are you always going on about how much you love beans? Whenever somebody says this to me, I can't help but laugh at their obvious ignorance of the joy which is beans. All this talk about beans has made me remember just how good they are. I think I'd like to eat some right now. You're probably thinking, Wow, this guy really loves eating beans. And you know what? You're right! Beans are just that good. My mouth is watering. I could just sit here and think about them all night. I even like to say beans. Beans beans beans beans beans! One of the interesting things about beans is how every kind is delicious. I have never met a bean I didn't like, I don't expect to in my lifetime. I carry a can with me wherever I go, so I can satiate my cravings when they happen to appear. And the amazing thing is, I still love them! Come to thik of it, I've been noticing a lot lately how good beans really are. It's as though I'm discovering their wholesome goodness anew. If you agree with me, you should send me line and we can share some beans together! Maybe we could talk about it over a plate of kidney beans, or perhaps limas, or even just some good old chick peas. I'll be hearing from you! And now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to sing my own version of the bean song, which simply goes: I like beans! I like beans! I like beans! I like beans! ...and repeat. --Jonathan

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