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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Po'Taters!! by Kid on 2004-01-07 14:32:28

I don't like replying to something where you've called yourself "Our lady of rats" - but I'll let it slide because of the circumstances. Given all that you've just said, you have my sympathy once again, though perhaps some air freshener would be better. As to whether the smell with always be there...its a bit gruesome, but its only the smell of the bacteria on the rotting flesh of the rat, so once that's gone, you'll be back to your "I can breathe properly" best.

Rest assured, if I were to be able to visit you, I would not use the rat as an excuse to delay proceedings.

On a completely separate, in fact...night on opposite, note, I made some bread tonight, from scratch. It is awesome, like bread tends to be, but not only looks, smells and tastes good, but also flies in the face of a lot of people who said I would fail....ahahahahaha.

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