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parent: Annex Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia?

Re: Annex Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia? by Cyberjunkie on 2004-02-20 02:10:53

Well, yet again we are all exposed to some good old American arrogance and suprematism. Not that American's should take offence in my saying that, it's simply part of your national psyche. But in response to what "Patriotic American" suggested, the world should take offence. Firstly, the term annex is insulting, given its colloquial term means ‘to take without right’. He could have at least suggested that Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand merge with the United States to lessen the insult. Secondly, and more importantly, it would never ever happen. None of these countries would ever agree to be subordinate to the United States, especially considering its form of democracy – or lack there of. And the fact that Canada, Australia and New Zealand would have to become republics first seems to have been overlooked (the only country where this would happen in the near future is Australia). In fact the only likely union of any of these countries would be of Australia and New Zealand. In has long been thought that New Zealand would eventually turn back to Australia to take is rightful place as the seventh state. New Zealand walked away from the Commonwealth (federation) of Australia before it was established in 1901 to attempt at its own independence. However the connection between Australia and New Zealand is much deeper than its shared history, they share the same culture. Whether a union between Australia and New Zealand first takes form as a customs union, eventually they will merge. There is already a movement within Oceania to establish an economic block that also has the potential to be incorporate in the Australian Commonwealth. Australia and the US have similar societies, our cultures in many aspects couldn’t be further apart. For example, America cherishes guns and is very passionate about its constitutional right to own guns, whereas Australia is consistently moving towards a complete ban. Additionally, in all four of the mentioned countries there is a sub-culture of anti-Americanism that would thwart any plan to ‘annex’ the countries. Australians, who do have a cautious love of Americans, have the motto ‘close, but not to close’ when referring to US alliance – which has never been stronger. We understand that we need America as a friend, and we have sacrificed to have them so. NB: If it weren’t for Steve Irwin’s conservation efforts, I’d say America could have him.

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