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Re: Re: Re: Re: Mission To Mars: Question. by Alices Restaurant on 2004-03-04 10:31:53

I wasn't sure what the netiquette was to replying to both of you at once so I decided to split the difference and reply to myself--kind of the Internet equivalent I suppose of mumbling to yourself on a park bench... Kid: You're right of course but you're exercising what we like to call in the Astonomy business "intelligence". It's a term that often describes the ability to craft a clever, even less-expensive solution out of the many options and lucrative contract opportunities available. It's not often seen in buildings full of engineers there in the Land o' NASA and is sure to earn you the ridicule and scorn you deserve. To your experiment I would add a $99 space heater (not to be confused with a "$99M NASA-approved space heater") to warm up the experiment to maybe 80 degrees fahrenheit. "Et voila!" as they say in places where they want to sound like they're French, like in foreign films and Canada, for example. Wash: I have many more where that come from so you just keep on your best behavior or I might have to whip one out on you. I like to drop an "e" on the end of that "shit" for a certain international feel. Certain social situations demand such an amount of gravitas, like when your friend has just insulted you in front of a girl.... at a party. Or something like that.

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