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Dom and Bill NOT gay! by Rachel, friend of Doms and Bills on 2004-03-08 17:58:57

Hey they are not gay, im not sure about Lig, they wouldn't tell me straight on but Dom is not gay. He may say and do some crazy shit but hey, thats Dom! And besides Dom's always kissing me....But anyways... Even if Dom was gay, His words, "It would probably be wit' Billy...I like Lig alot but I'd probably fuck Billy!" it sounded weird when he said that but hey, i asked. Well im out....just so you know! Cya. Rachel, 25 , London Eng.

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Re: Dom and Bill NOT gay! by Justin on 2004-03-23 15:03:15  |  Reply to this
  If it isn't Ms. Hallucination herself. Obviously you never read the other thread on this topic in which you put a reply because you decided to make one of your own. Yourr claims are ludacris, and so-called 'facts' are nothing more than daydreams that have no proof to back them up. In Fact I could name myself Rachel on this board and say I know stuff about movie stars LOL. If people really wanted to they could check your IP address, call your ISP, find out where you live and talk to you directly asking for proof; but I will not go that far as I am most assured that you are lying. No one agrees with you and frankly, no one cares to hear anymore of your 'fantasies presented as fact'. Also notice, since the 8th of March I am the only one to reply to this topic. That should tell you something, if it doesn't........well, I don't like to insult people even if it is true, so let's just hope you see the light at then end of your tunnel vision.
Re: Dom and Bill NOT gay! by Jess Wood on 2004-03-24 21:49:04  |  Reply to this
  lol this is funny