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parent: The future was explained to me today.

Re: The future was explained to me today. by Alices Restaurant on 2004-03-09 17:23:44

First, a joke: Why did God make the Irish enjoy whiskey? So that they wouldn't take over the world.

That said, I believe that mankind (by which I mean "developerkind") will in fact build fantastic robots and other animated autonoma to do our bidding. Unfortunately some programmer early on will invent the first really good sexual robot that will serve to replace women for all practical purposes and all bonafide programmers will be so busy "enjoying themselves" and taking time off work that 1) productivity will plummet, 2) all other technological advances will come to an abrubt halt and 3) the human race will be doomed. Or perhaps it will just dwindle down to a small subset of a technically-ignorant few. They might as well be caveman because they won't know how to make their own electricity so nothing will work and evolution for humans will have to start all over again.

No, seriously. This is what happens. I kid you not.

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Re: Re: The future was explained to me today. by JohnnyG on 2004-03-13 13:11:49  |  Reply to this
  I don't think so. It could be more likely that a method is devised to cull the males in population. Increasing the likelihood of a "professor Peabody's harem" scenario. The sex robot you refer to could be a "leisure industry" tool of attraction. Men will continually work at something in order to fill the time gap between resolution and excitement phase of the human sex response. Building stuff is what many of us (men) like to do. It's sort of fun at times.