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parent: Annex Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia?

Re: Annex Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia? by Keith, Canberra on 2004-03-30 02:12:56

being from australia i spose my veiw is a bit more important then those of you in america, cause it'd have to be our decision or it'd never happen. Australians have i kind of love-hate thing goin with the US, we love the simpsons, but we hat it when you beat us in sport, we love Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, but we hate your gun laws, etc. Bits of your culture we take on, and others we reject. there are probably too many differences between us for it to ever become a reality, but globalisation is coming along. pretty soon we'll have the European Union, Asia, and The US. and probably Cuba all by itself.

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