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parent: 101 Reasons To keep-On Smoking

Re: 101 Reasons To keep-On Smoking by Wash! on 2004-04-04 15:11:28

14) (Keep count, Kids: I.D missed out 11, putting 10 twice instead. I rectified that, by jumping to 12. And now some gimp, with whom ive just enjoyed a most satisfying pint of orange soda, and given a thrashing of 4-2 games to pool, put the demons back where they belong, in missing out 13. So... this is 14. Next one is 15, ok?) Cigarettes have approximately the same circumference as a pen or pencil. Thus, if bored in the classroom or in the office, one can fake smoking a cigarette without the hastle of finding an appropriate prop. 'Coz we always have pencils or pens at hand, no?

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