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parent: 101 Reasons To keep-On Smoking

Re: 101 Reasons To keep-On Smoking by Kid on 2004-04-07 01:11:50

14. Merciful Zeus! People (not me this time) do insist upon not having numbered these things correctly. Cigarettes come in packets of twenty, so for the moment, you could write one of these reasons on each of them...for counting's sake. A ha ha ha three ah ha ha ha....

15. It gives you something to have in your hand if you either have to (a) Drink orange soda - no Wash doesn't smoke or (b - 16) Can't play pool. Or rather, wipe the floor with Wash who mops up at the end. He did deserve to win, but I didn't deserve to lose. Well...a draw would've been a fairer result. I don't know. I've got to give credit to the lads, they gave it everything today. The fans were great out there, and I did it for them, really. Its great for everyone at the club.

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