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Re: Re: The 4-1-1 on me... by d.- on 2006-06-30 12:35:17

Kid, I REALLY was not expecting that! I live a stone's throw from the Uni's Autzen stadium... oh! -- and, by the by, Eugene will be hosting the 2008 Track and Field Olympics! Also, does the name Prefontaine ring a bell? He is part of Oregon historical persons, as it were. I learned that my cousin, Gove, graduated from Lewis and Clark College here. So. Everything ties into everything else it seems... Thanks for the vote of confidence tommie! And for you, Kid, the Uni colors are yellow and green -- GO DUCKS! -- is the call.

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Re: Re: Re: The 4-1-1 on me... by JohnnyG on 2006-06-30 13:17:51  |  Reply to this
  You just gotta love the DUCKS. The most intense college football uniforms ever made!
Re: Re: Re: The 4-1-1 on me... by Kid on 2006-07-01 06:17:00  |  Reply to this
  I'll admit to not being particularly au fait with Eugene; I hope that's forgiven.

My primitive research over the last couple of days (I'm very impressed with the stadium, with the high-banking main side) has revealed a little. I have to admit to having being previously ignorant of Prefontaine as well, but there is a litany of stories around, all of them good.

Even the Google Earthing (can I apply that as a verb?) of the area was positive. I thought you meant fields as greenery, but from what I saw, it seems to be more arborial than that. I was aware, in advance, of Crater Lake so my ignorance wasn't quite all-encompassing.

It seems you've moved into a far more manageable size of place than you used to be in. I like the enthusiasm for it, too. In the Emeralds, for the moment, I have another team to listen out for on radio during the night.

With a proverbial doff of an equally proverbial cap.