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Re: Europe by Kish and Wad on 2006-08-07 00:52:26

So, here we are. In Europe. Starting segment two of our journey.

We've covered a lot of ground so far; Marseille, Toulon, Monaco, Genoa, Naples, Pompei(i) and now we're here, in Caserta (look it up).

Good things so far?
The Exotic Gardens in Monaco were nice, perhaps the only venue to spy Monagasque goats, which are important... Bigo in Genoa was a giant illuminous sea-spider (We really can't explain him. Maybe, somewhere, in the deep mists of time, things will become clear. Somehow, I doubt it).... Pompei(i) (depends how picky you are) was hot and containing of a lot of very old buildings, but all the petrified people had fled to museums, probably to stay in the shade. Having survived the volcano, you'd think they'd be used to the heat, but, hey, you can't please all the people all the time

Today's plan is to make our way to Greece, so we can arrive in Athens tomorrow, and then do all the things they can offer before we move off up North again. Whereas Wash is really looking forward to Greece, Marco is looking forward to getting to places where the weather might be a little more forgiving, and allow the new face he is growing to fully form.

We've learnt a lot about one another on the way; largely involving a shared propensity to sleep whensoever it is possible, and a distinct lack of knowledge of unter-quality automobiles. A new deck of Top Trumps is on the shopping list for the future; ideally, they'd be Greek, so we don't understand a bean of the words we're reading, and can just make up the categories as we go along.

Italy, you've been good; Greece, keep your distance. Our feet smell and we're not afraid to use them... to travel tiny distances in the most stupid possible ways. Sometimes twice.

Farewell for now, and if that box doesn't accept the text string, someone's gonna get hurt.


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