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Seeing as you all care so much...damn you all. by Kash and Wid on 2006-08-11 14:09:21

Well, we've made it to Sofia - and its glorious drinking scene (no-one's going to argue with 50p a pint, much less when we don't speak the language, we have no currency, we're surrounded by the... sorry, I thought I was Paul Simon briefly...). We certainly don't speak the language. We spend as long trying to work out the names of streets as to work out what the jiggins we're doing here, and as long trying to fool the people in McDonald's (could there be any more of them? One per street) than anything else.

Still, we made it, we're healthy and we're ready for tomorrow's journey to Plovdiv. I know there's not thousands of factoids about our trip circulating... we might be waiting to tell you all about it when we get back, but we might also be waiting for questions, or something that shrieks out to be told.

For example, Athens. Absolutely awe-inspiring. Even if you've seen the photos, or the video, or whatever other media you kids use nowadays, you can't grasp the enormity of the Acropolis and all that goes with it. Those guys are amazing feats of endurance first (that marble?!?), then engineering (the pillars? The size?) then sheer genius (look at them!). Well worth being there, well worth seeing them and whatever photos we've taken can't do it proper justice.

The same is true of Meteora, but that's barely explainable using the naked word. You simple need to see it. The monasteries (Wash is probably more religious than I - certainly, I have a 0% trump rating on that category) are tremendous to see, but small, and a little samey... but the way they're all perched, almost hovering, just on rock faces. Wow. Absolutely unblievable.

That's this update done... until I find new superlatives, we'll be away. Plovdiv tomorrow, and we love you all. Especially the people who reply. K&W.

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Re: Seeing as you all care so much...damn you all. by tommie on 2006-08-11 19:32:41  |  Reply to this
  ...just to let you know someone is reading.