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parent: Mexicans are Stupid

Re: Mexicans are Stupid by Beaner on 2006-10-15 23:49:09

"You're racist. Most mexicans will bust their ass,18 hours a day for a fifth of us people get daily. Most of them are hard honest workers who's culture puts family values first. This is ridiculous how you can just put yourself above any one, regardless of race. People are people and each should be respected for being themselves, and showing up everyday apparently, with the treatment they get." Shut up you liberal moron. Wake up and smell the beaners. This country's success is built upon working smarter, not harder you stupid fuck. Why don't you move to Mexico. I think Mexico is great! Fox sends all the stupid dregs from his country to us. If only we could deport white trash, dumb beaners, and violent niggers to Mexico what a country this would be!

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Re: Re: Mexicans are Stupid by Danilo 7 fuego on 2012-06-02 23:57:44  |  Reply to this
  just look at the you tube spanish comments on boxing videos,,how dirty mexicans made comments there and they are those who write comments even when you ignore them, but i have never seen trashy lowest writing ever,mexicans are low lifes acting always like the poor victims around,they are fuckin dirty mouths..