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root: Annex Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia?

parent: Re: Annex Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia?

Re: Re: Annex Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia? by Pat Canuck on 2006-10-22 11:01:55

I happen to be a Canadian, and rightfuly my country should be a part of America. Our differences are minute and ephemeral. I would be happy to join the american union. Canadian culture is non-existant. Canada makes up 1/11th the population of our two countries, and economically we would be better served with the American system of government. Our existance is based on a long past British vendetta against America, and now that Britan and America are the best of allies, Canada serves no purpose. Canada must deregulate her systems and amalgimate with the U.S. if it wishes to have any say over what happens in the future. We speak the same language share a history of immigration and settlement and a desire to propogate the spirit of liberty around the world. Our differneces are based on propoganda by many years of liberal voice. We are not better than Americans. Our public school system has a liberal adgenda to convert all children into voting liberals. Few see the freedoms of a conservative mentality. It is time to toss the federalist monarchy centered system, and become a true republic. It is time that we grow up.

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