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parent: 1001 pick-up lines that don't work

Re: 1001 pick-up lines that don't work by Miss Murder on 2007-03-24 13:48:37

Guy: can i tell you a story? Girl: sure Guy: let me see your hand. [Guy takes Girls hand] Guy:Okay, there is a river [trace river on girls hand] Guy: there is a little bunny on one side, and his mama is on the other side... but the little bunny cant get back over to his mama, so he trys going around the river... but it takes too long. Bunny tries going across the river, and bunny goes glub glub glub. Bunny cant get across the river. *use puppy eyes here for effect* Girl: is that all of the story Guy: yes. Girl: what was the point of that Guy: i needed an excuse to hold your hand ... hey, i fell for it...

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