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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: So Basically, by Wash! on 2007-07-18 16:29:39

Tommie! So glad to hear you still keep an eye on my blog, even though i've kinda become a stranger here. It is true that me n Kid have really grown up here...in fact its fair to say i've spent the best years of my life here.

Egypt was awesome, and yes, it is Irene in the photos. We've been on the go for 2½ years now. I'm back in the country, as Kid said with plans to...well.... check out what its like to live here and take it from there. I've lived abroad 4 out of the past 7 years, so it won't be easy, pero que será, será, as they say.

So what's the story, Amelia?

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: So Basically, by Amelia on 2007-07-25 04:04:28  |  Reply to this
  Yikes, I wrote a big long post here and it got eaten. Phooey. Anyway, at the time posted, I was still getting along swimmingly with my personal pharoah, but after a year and a half of bliss, my Egyptian-born sweetie has left me to the curse of the mummy's tomb and my own general devices. I am still in New York, still working at Big Publishing Company. I am blogging more (and tiptoe39 is over there, too!) and have immersed myself in Harry Potter fandom as my most recent craze. To answer the original question, I came to potatoe.com because I went to high school with Tater way back when God was a boy. One day I Googled him, and lookie what I found? I think that was about 1999, and I have been popping in ever since. This site really was the first link in a crazy daisy chain that also led me to Three Way Action, a really fun web community where I have met tons of good friends and my general online hangout.