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Chrickey Moses ... by Yvette on 1999-10-06 08:37:29

I feel so damn good, I can't think of a way to blame Canada!

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Re: Chrickey Moses ... by [no name] on 1999-10-06 08:38:37  |  Reply to this
  ... except that I obviously can't spell.
Re: Chrickey Moses ... by Tetra Grammaton on 1999-10-07 16:11:50  |  Reply to this
  I dunno, maybe that's someone's name. Chrickey, it's, um... Irish-Jamaican, yeah that's it.
Re: Chrickey Moses ... by Kid Loco on 1999-10-10 19:56:52  |  Reply to this
  You feel good. I blame Canada!