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I want my WORM NERD by Russ on 2010-07-15 04:30:21

Tater, please restore the old WORM NERD. It was so much more fun. The new one is obviously not getting used very much. I'll tell you why I like the old one better: 1) random letters. When your NERD makes a word into itself, the brain has to deal with that as well as make something out of it...more work! Random letters allow more creativity. 2) no error checking. Some of the best entries were mistakes or blatantly (and intentionally) wrong. I like having the freedom to put whatever in there or to make a little mistake if it makes my WORM funnier. 3) placement of the author to the right of the vote. This eliminates the possibility of using your name as part of the game (which I always loved doing). So please give us back our old WORM NERD. I, for one, will play more often if you do and I'm sure others will too. Peace spoken. -Russ

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