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New potatoes by Wash! on 2010-07-18 16:30:22

So, now we're back on the porn free beaten track, what's changed since the last time we were all here? This topic is to get somewhat reacquainted.

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Re: New potatoes by Kid on 2010-07-28 19:41:18  |  Reply to this
  Hey, man. Where do you live now?
Re: New potatoes by ˇWash! on 2010-07-30 11:22:13  |  Reply to this
  Spain. Still single?
Re: New potatoes by Kid on 2010-07-30 11:49:24  |  Reply to this
  Engaged, so no. Get the feeling we're on our own?
Re: New potatoes by Wash! on 2010-07-31 17:50:41  |  Reply to this
  It's a bit eery, is it not? Congratulations on the engaygement.
Re: New potatoes by 4˝ Dollar Bill on 2010-08-12 00:43:22  |  Reply to this
  Interesting site here... still don't really get what it's all about but nice to meet you all. I found this site while looking up how Google got its name. An article read this "Google" was the most important misspelling (real word "Googol") since "potatoe". I wondered what that meant and looked up potatoe.com. ;)