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Paging Someone. Anyone. by Kid on 2004-05-13 00:36:01

Where are all the regulars at the moment? I check every day, and I know Wash does....but where's everyone else....not much of a topic, but maybe I'm hoping for someone to say "I'm touring the Amazon, and there's no wireless hotspots in this area" or to have been on an intensive hang-gliding course for a month...anything, you know.

I've been in Huddersfield, hoping it doesn't rain.

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Re: Paging Someone. Anyone. by d.-- on 2004-05-13 12:47:46  |  Reply to this
  F.Y.I. -- I have six weather listings on my mailpage, including myself, family, and, oh yes! -- Huddersfield... I've been to: Amazon.com -- does that count? (hee)
Re: Re: Paging Someone. Anyone. by Kid on 2004-05-17 01:22:53  |  Reply to this
  I have a weather thing, too, on my homepage. I tend to use the easier 'looking outside' method, though. And did you get anything nice from Amazon? (I was at its UK sister this very morning)
Re: Paging Someone. Anyone. by tommie on 2004-05-13 18:04:45  |  Reply to this
  Geez, I've been on the go too. Packing again this weekend then off to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

btw, it will be Amelia's b'day in a couple of weeks.

And why aren't you guys doing WormNerd?

Re: Paging Someone. Anyone. by Mother Earth on 2004-05-15 20:57:46  |  Reply to this
  I have been backpacking across Europe, and I have been scuba diving in Australia. Oh, I have also been sky diving in Ireland.
Re: Paging Someone. Anyone. by Ferrit on 2004-05-17 13:30:36  |  Reply to this
  I've been fretting over imminent extinction of my illegal version of WinXP which will die in 20 days unless saved somehow.Also, I hopped to cambridge lately.Have you salvaged t'internet Kid? Or does it still smell like soapy sardines? Get thee down t'pit.