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livaetets by livaetets on 2011-03-04 08:55:54

Romanian most famous monument high childhood, Memories of childhood ", illustrates well the complementary relationship between game and childhood. Nica child is always playing. Whether it's stealing cherries or staging a play or church services with the stick, the child's attitude of indifference is childish. The beauty of the work lies in the ease with which mature man recounts his own childhood, identifying up to a point with the mentality that age, but looking at it with boundless sympathy and humor. In fact, the writer plays his role as child in the world inviting us so we can show the charm of the golden age of man always and everywhere. As in the stories of Mark Twain novel that the writer has some points in common, we are recounted the exploits of a child 13-14 years, long past the fog and become an unforgettable memory. In this respect recall famous novel "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the famous American writer Mark Twain. In this novel we found nazbatiile Tom, the main character, along with Huckleberry Finn, best friend, play the detectives. Adventure is the theme and the game becomes a reason Romanel adjacent to them. [url=http://www.jocuricubarbie.net ] jocuri cu barbie [/url]

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