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Leminallgarie by Leminallgarie on 2011-03-16 00:15:09

How many articles issued every day? Always think this problem. Personal feeling on blog search engine is established, so in the process of travel service management when choosing the blog program, and then made the CMS theme, this is not to imply that my subconscious every update web content, and lots of energy. Always do not advocate collection, collection of 20 articles, every day as well by two false original. But always believed, single page can be optimized, also seen a case, early when the concept, he hasn't SEO feeling very magical, a player will do 2-3 pages, and then can bring the flow by baidu tens of thousands. Maybe as time change or maybe when the player USES the black hats etc. But never change an idea: single page can be optimized, and not updated daily articles in essence. Targeted updates every 2-8 articles is appropriate. How to targeted updates? If his plan updated daily 2-8, that this 8 and update the content, what is said above, the renewal of old Harold individual press two rules update. In early January, website construction, we in the key word was sure the key word and long tail keyword. If the key word too hot, and under the condition of many competitors, I'll take the pattern of rural surround city is constantly increasing, the long tail of keywords containing articles, such as travel management of the key word is "travel", but the degree of competition between individual and his ability to select a long tail, and do some key of cold son "best travel agency business" and "Beijing travel", do this: The first will play "primitive accumulation effect", make your site has a bottom in it. The second can improve their confidence, we are afraid of the optimization, very long time, M any keyword ranks no change. I know there are many website value calculators out there, but which one is your favourite? My favourite website value calculator is www.websitelooker.com Are you a webmaster? [url=http://www.websitelooker.com/]Website Worth Calculator[/url] is the best website analyzer, offer accurate information. [url=http://www.websitelooker.com/]Website Value[/url]

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