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Re: Re: Hey Brits! by d.- on 2004-05-17 13:53:22

Hey -- we don't get the show over here, but in the last few days they've been showing clips from YOUR show OVER THERE on an enfotainment show here and shite! is that some nasty-ass stuff. I guess those two women are coming here to do the show... an I guarantee they'll find what they're looking for!! Dirt and filth are the same everywhere I believe one of them said -- Although here, in the states, I think the children would be removed from the home by Child Protective Services because they would be considered endangered. We have other shows which portray this scenario. It's called: COPS.

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Re: Re: Re: Hey Brits! by Kid on 2004-05-18 02:29:42  |  Reply to this
  You have shows showing kids being taken away because their lives are endangered? Cool. No, I think they're mostly student houses, and other 'non-kid' abodes. People tend to go all germ paranoid when they become parents....its to their credit.