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root: Mexicans are Stupid

parent: Re: Re: Re: Mexicans are Stupid

Re: Re: Re: Re: Mexicans are Stupid by Stupid Fucking White Boy on 2011-04-01 16:54:40

.... Impossible? Are you FUCKING RETARDED!? The children had in this country by illegal immigrants are considered American Citizens and Can be claimed on Taxes and Qualify for WIC(free food for mothers and children) and Food Stamps and Children can Bolster Quite a lot of cash as a Dependent Tax Right off. I am going to assume your ignorant to the facts and don't know this so I will try to educate your stupid ass. I have 1 son and come Tax Season he Qualifies me as "head of household" & "as a dependent" and earns me an extra $3,000.00-$4,000.00 Dollars back on my Taxes every year... Imagine this figure multiplied if I had 2 or 20 of these little fuckers running around like some of these Illegals have... it's Called a VAGINA people... it's NOT A FUCKING CLOWN CAR or a PAY CHECK! Not to mention there being able to apply for "section 8" housing which can be obtained on little or no income in extreme cases or where enough bastard children are concerned. Learn something before you open your fat fucking mouth... End WHO Givs A Flyen Fuk Ubowed suM Spellen Errers ... At least when a white person talks(with obvious exceptions to retarded people from the South or Jersey) We Don't talk like this A! Oh Da Lay Vato essay... holmes... CHINGOW! What da' Fug Daaawg? Jew Lookin at me funny Essay? you wanna go a round? we can do this shit foo' just let me pull up my fuckin' pants dog... they won't stay on my ass A....

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