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Extelveteat by Extelveteat on 2011-04-11 20:13:07

I'd say I'm at least half way through DA2 and I like some of the streamlining they've done but there are some problems with the game. The things I don't like include that there's only about 3 or 4 different caves or houses that small side quests take place in. So each time you do one it looks EXACTLY the same. I read somewhere that EA kind of pushed DA2 out faster than Bioware would have done if they were in full control, so I can see why they took a shortcut there. The other issue I have has nothing to do with being rushed, the fact that all armor you find/buy can only be equipped by the main character, makes 2/3 of all armor you find completely useless to you. Also playing as a mage is kind of ridiculous when all these templars in the game are ruthlessly hunting apostates and never notice the main character is an apostate himself, as well as any mage companions he has with him. Also an annoying thing but something I could put up with is the fact that nearly every mob you encounter has popups that appear behind you suddenly, which often destroys my mage with his low health since my tank can't hold aggro to those which are so far away.[url=http://www.epariurisportive.com]pariuri sportive[/url] I can overlook those things for the most part. I like the combat now that you actually control the speed of your basic attacks, and your character doesn't try to line himself up to attack, which causes shuffling around and wasting time that you should be attacking. I don't agree with people who say it has become a hack and slash, it feels very different from those types of games. I like that Hawke actually has a voice, although like Mass Effect sometimes the lines you choose are funnier or wittier than what he actually says. Also disagree with those who have said it looks horrible (graphics wise), it looks a lot better than DA:O did. Overall I think its a decent game, I'm not sure if it will be as replayable as DA:O was since there aren't radically different origin stories, and as far as I can tell not as many clear choices that really change the outcome of the story, but we shall see how that goes. [url=http://www.epariurisportive.com]biletul zilei pariuri[/url]

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