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Roonnacoreiff by Roonnacoreiff on 2011-05-15 14:18:23

Humor Before I tell you the purple gorrila joke, here's a short joke... A five inch man was building his house. He decides to build it from bricks. So he figures he'll need 24 bricks to build his house. He goes to the store and finds he can only buy them by the dozen! So he buys two dozen Bricks. When he's done he doesn't know what to do with the last brick! So he thinks and thinks. Then one day, years later, he gets a brilliant idea: SO he takes the brick to the front of his house and Hurls it up in to the air as hard as he can!!!!!! LOL _____________ [url=http://besthyipinvestment.com]earning money[/url]

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