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Occupecex by Occupecex on 2011-06-17 08:43:26

Oligopoly. Why I chose oligopoly? Look around! Look at your cars, electrical equipment you use, the new vacuum cleaner or washing his new car, why not the new TV or computer with the new processor generation even in the products they buy when out with friends the city (juices, fast food, etc..) What did all these things in common? I will ask. At first sight, if anything. If you will realize that little thought is of course your favorite brands. I'm sure you make the choice before examining several options so you get the best quality / price ratio is not it? Let me ask you something: Choosing each product have also considered the many options? Most of you are sure that you answer me that four or five. Here's what oligopoly. In short, it is a form of imperfect competition that is characterized by having a small number of producers who, holding important market segment can influence in order to maximize profit, the goods offered are requested by many consumers. Etymologically speaking, the term comes from Greek: oligos = little, few; polein = sale. "Sports-basketball" palm is throwing the ball back and held her face just under the direction of the roll, the other hand supports the ball from the side, elbow throwing hand was under the ball, a little lateral sides, facing the direction throw . Execution starts with bending knees, then push the extent of the arm while standing up and the ball slightly forward.[url=http://www.jocuri-motociclete.net/]jocuri cu motociclete[/url] The ball is supported by both hands until the head right, then the hand that is driven only by the throw, which continue lifting up and forward, and the extent of the impulse given elbow-wrist and the fingers-poignet ensure the desired ball trajectory and spin. In the final position player on the peaks are slightly elevated, with the throwing arm stretched diagonally up and forward, palm facing to the ground. I. Describe the action of individual tactics in defending individual marking. Present at least three structures for initiating and strengthening exercises. II. Graphic examples of system application penetration attack in semicircle, and surpass the combination of "give and go" III. Circle your response to a question from the official rules of the game of basketball. a.) Teams must use the vests only numbers from 4 to 15 DA b.) The game timer will be stopped by the timekeeper at each whistle of referee DA c.) to rule the 10-second penalty will be made by calling the opponents side of the center line of the land YES I. It shall be the action of individual tactics by which the device tries, within the limits of regulation play, nullifying the striker shares directly. To mark the achievement, the defender must have a good physical training, to master the technical elements that make up the ball without footwork, fundamental position, added up, working with arms, especially the trips back. The defender must also possess a good orientation in the field, a solid tactical training, to respond promptly and effectively, anticipate and have a good fantasy.[url=http://www.gameswoow.com com ]dress up games [/url] Depending on game situations and the actions of attackers, the marking may be applied to the ball or the player without the ball, we distinguish the following situations: -Marking and marking normally aggressive; Differentially-marking; -Specific marking. a.) 1x1: run marking defender trying to stop the striker dribbling and dribbling the ball out. Moving forward with the ball run back to dribbling, lateral stangp hand, the right hand, with variations of pace and dribbling protected. b.) "Tag in pairs to achieve calf c.) 3x3 1 land on the theme: mark the center of the field, striker applied debranding penetration, overcoming and recovery.

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