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Identity Theft by Fractured Reality on 2004-06-04 06:33:06

I was curious, after opening a new topic and seeing that I have already posted a comment that I don't neccesarily agree with, what's to stop anyone from typing a name, all it takes is a little dishonesty and an opinion that isn't yours is now advertised to all the world, (or at least all the world who happens to read miscelanous topics and replies on this particular site.) But back to my original complaint, does mistaken Identity happen to, or disturb anyone else?

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Re: Identity Theft by Kid on 2004-06-04 10:07:37  |  Reply to this
  If I remember rightly, it happened to Tommie once, which disturbed me.
Re: Identity Theft by tommie on 2004-06-04 12:27:26  |  Reply to this
  As you can see, an IP address is posted. Most of us regulars only enter from one or two different PCs. Besides, those of us who are regulars can recognize each others style. Imposters are usually obnoxious and grow weary and leave when we ignore them.
Re: Re: Identity Theft by Fractured Reality on 2004-06-07 05:54:31  |  Reply to this
  That is interesting, I never noticed the added numbers, but you do have a point, I can see that working. Thanks for not ingonring me