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Dolaalalf by Dolaalalf on 2011-09-03 06:04:17

How to build a website really confused many newbies online, today we’ll help you out on building a website in easy 6 steps. Above all, b4 the website online you need to desire and design about the website themes/topics, that’s mean, what’s your website about and what will your writing? How to Build a Website Step 2 – Choose a domain name. Based on the theme and topic of your website to choose the right domain (for instance: techmm.com). This step is important and it will directly influenced on your website quality and search engine ranking. How to choose a domain? 1. The shorter the better; Compare the 2 techmm.com and techmoneymaking.com, we’ve chose the first one. 2. .com should your first choice There are many suffixes for domains you many seen before, such as .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, etc. We chose .com domain for our website techmm.com because it’s the best extensions for search engine optimization that gives you the best ranking on search engine result pages. 3. Long-tail-keywords based domains For example, you want to build a website to introduce web hosting service companies and their promotions, it’s of course a hot topic that the short domain based on this theme were already taken, you can choose the Long-tail-keywords based domains instead. Be noted, the domain should be contained your website keywords, for example: webhostcouponcode.com What should I do if the .com extension was taken? We are suggested you choose a TLD (top level domain) at least, we do not recommend the ccTLD (top level domain for countries) such as .US, .DE, .FR, .CN, .JP, either other ccTLDs. Where to register a domain name? Based on my 6 years experience, Godaddy should be your first choice. Godaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar and managed more than 50% domains on the planet. They are providing top quality services and products with the lowest price for as low as $7.49/year/domain. We are now managing 128 domains at godaddy.com includes the techmm.com, the number still fast growing. We recommended Godaddy not only because its biggest scope, but also for their better services, lower pricing and continued promotion/coupon codes. Godaddy provides coupon codes all the year to help you get a great deal there, we have collected it and listed out for our members using, you can check it here: Godaddy coupon codes full list How to Build a Website Step 3 – Choose a web hosting. While already chose and registered a domain name, you should consider to buy a web hosting or choose a free web hosting company. One thing important and you must know is that free web hostings are always not stable or reliable, they’ll stop your service or banned your account anytime without any explanations. We recommend you buy a web hosting for long run, even just a small cheap hosting also far better than the free ones. For people who really do not want to pay just a penny, we recommend a free hosting which considered to be the No.1 in this area – JumpLine free web hosting. Jumpline provides 1 year free shared hosting or 3 months free VPS hosting for all registered members, you need pay nothing but Credit Card Verification. There are many web hosting companies on the internet, however, we recommended ONLY 3 – Hostgator, Lunarpages and Yahoo web hosting Hostgator web hosting was ranked No.1 on shared hosting industry, its plans started from $3.71/mo with our hostgator coupon codes. Hostgator has more than 600 employees and hosted over 2,000,000 websites, the services and products are top quality. Another pro of hostgator is that you can try it for $0.01 for 1 month with the coupon code we provided, you can feel free to leave if not satisfied. Lunarpages web hosting is another big guy on this area, we have been used their service since 2006, in the past 5 years our websites which hosted there are all working exactly even without downtimes. Yahoo web hosting can not be regarded as cheap, but I supposed you know this guy long long ago. With their search engine division’s help, yahoo small business department is experienced fast grown in the past 9 years. We recommended it for its Yahoo-Search-Engine friendly features. How to Build a Website Step 4 – Choose a script While the web hosting selected, you need choose a script to build your website, for example, techmm.com is a wordpress based blog. The popular website scripts on the internet are too many to list out, we recommend the WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, you can search it on google to get the free scripts. All the 3 scripts above are popular, easy to use and powerful, for instance, wordpress has tens of thousands free plugins and themes that you can use it for any kind of websites you want. How to Build a Website Step 5 – Website Design and template Website design. Site design is a difficult for many small business webmasters like me however, there are many web design companies or websites like Godaddy, network solutions, etc. For me, it’s a difficult indeed but not a problem. There are many free website templates, if you use wordpress, their officially provides many wordpress themes free to use, and there are many developers provides both free and premium themes. Just Google it. How to Build a Website Step 6 – SEO and Promotion The last step for a website goes online is SEO and promotion. SEO means Search Engine Optimization, it helps you get higher ranking on search engines. It means when someone search a specific keywords or topic, your website first comes and on the top of the search result page. SEO is the most important thing you need to do while your site’s online, tons of traffics will be attracted with a good SEO. There 2 important thing you must do for SEO: The first is well-written original contents. Both human and search engine dislike pirated contents, if a website that built with “control+c” and “control+v” then google will desert it and considered it as a junk. Search engines like articles that contain 500 to 700 words, and they like fresh things. Another important thing is backlinks. An external link from other website pointed to you will be consider as a vote for your website in search engine’s view, it’s very important for getting a higher ranking. There are many ways to increase backlinks, the easiest way is post on forum and blog comments. And the backlinks are seperated to the “dofollow” ones and “nofollow” ones, the dofollow links will do positive effects on your website ranking and google PR while the nofollow link only do help with the traffics. How to find out a link is do-or-no-follow? We’ll be refer to on later writting. Conclusion: It’s not difficult to build website follow our easy 6 steps guide, however, it’s not easy to make it bigger. The contents and traffics are 2 key features every webmasters should be consider. Last but not least, Happy everyday everyone. Please keep an eye on our website for more useful and interesting articles. ________________ [url=http://hyip-catalog.com/addons-libertyreserve.html]hyip rating[/url]

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