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Alkontofirn by Alkontofirn on 2011-09-07 16:22:06

Hi all, Just wanted to share my findings lately on Forex automated trading and also ask for your honest opinion on that one. Having tried many many different automated systems, aka forex robots, forex eas and forex expert advisors, I have come to the conclusion that the more complicated a system is, the worse the results. So I began searching for such a forex robot that would implement a very very simple strategy. After many attempts I came upon B.O.R.N Night owl - a [url=http://www.born-fx.com/trading_reports.html]Forexpros[/url] forex robot, that seems not to utilize any sophisticated indicators etc but simply use the geographic gap between New York and Tokyo - that means that after NY closes, there is no other large financial institution open until Tokyo opens. Well, Australia seems to be in the gap, but the volumes traded there are not significant. The logic is that when there are no succicient volumes, the currency ranges are easily predictable, but you should really read the original presentation of the authors - this is really strange that they reveal the whole details of the strategy their robot is using unlike the other vendors on the market. The about page is what you are looking for which contains the strategy details. Please share your thoughts on this one, guys - I wuld really appreciate second and "twenty-second" opinion, thanks!

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