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We ALL Love BROCK! by Washington 4 on 1999-10-11 22:40:34

brock andrew french. brock resides in the small town of new lothrop, michigan. i live in the city of metropolitan toronto. the distance between us is approximately 4 and a half hours by car. his house is just off a dirt road, and my backyard is practically the highway. he's an all-american boy, and i'm just a canadian girl. brock and i started to correspond with each other on a more frequent basis over the summer. we would have silly conversations about me abducting him from his home. yes, that was our initial meeting plan. hehe. but we scrapped that idea and decided to meet halfway in london, ontario. the meeting went quite well :) in fact, i even decided to take him home with me after that. he's been to my house a few times, and i've also been to his house all the way over in michigan. brock is very modest about his artistic talents. he works at a photo lab, and looks damn cute in his tie. he intentionally distracts me while i'm driving, and it has lead to a near-death experience. he understands my fascination with cheese. he finds my (non-existant) canadian accent amusing. he insists that he isn't ticklish. (don't listen to him.) he is currently taking me through a 10-step program to help me learn how to hang up the phone. though, he isn't much better himself, and i think he needs help just as much as i do :) there is this incredible amount of comfort when i am with brock. he makes me very happy. i could not ask for anything more. i love this boy tremendously D O Y O U ? ? :)

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Re: We ALL Love BROCK! by tommie on 1999-10-12 01:49:22  |  Reply to this
  deja vu
Re: We ALL Love BROCK! by Kid Loco on 1999-10-12 19:42:17  |  Reply to this
  Listen Brock, you're a good kid, but do we need all this???
Re: We ALL Love BROCK! by shlong on 1999-10-12 19:50:50  |  Reply to this
  your a girl, now i know i understand y u hate me.
Re: We ALL Love BROCK! by BROCK! on 1999-10-16 23:56:22  |  Reply to this
  I didn't do this... i love allison though... did she do this? But if it makes you all feel any better, I wouldn't sell any of you for food. Gas money, maybe... Phone bill money... possibly. but not food.
Re: We ALL Love BROCK! by Brock on 2010-03-12 08:19:06  |  Reply to this