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root: Mexicans are Stupid

parent: Re: Re: Re: Mexicans are Stupid

Re: Re: Re: Re: Mexicans are Stupid by [no name] on 2011-10-14 00:55:33

not only can illegals ( i prefer that term rather than mexicans because there is such a thing as a legal mexican american you fucking redneck mother fuckers) get access to government assistance but they do. There are hundreds of families of illegals living in the state of Nebraska using illegally obtained SSN's to work "legally" at farms and plants. These pieces of shit are working for $10-$12 dollars or more an hour. AN HONEST AMERICAN WORKERS WAGE not the standard bullshit under minimum wage crap that people always bitch about. These kind of people are the ones the government need to worry about not the illegals who do the minimum wage jobs. The reason those jobs are available to illegals is because ALL YOU RASCIST PIECES OF SHIT arent willing to take the job because of some self righteous "IM BETTER THAN THAT" complex you seemed to have created for yourselves. YOU ARE IGNORANT! you pay too much attention to what major media is telling you instead of researching and finding the actual facts. I agree get the illegals back to their country. GUESS WHAT THEY ARE GOING BACK THERE NOW! BECAUSE MEXICO HAS A BETTER ECONOMY THAN THE US! Happy now. Get that asshole Obama out of office and things will change. Its guys like him that allow the illegals to steal SSN's and get real jobs. Stop Obama and stop Socialism. This country used to be the greatest country in the world stop worrying about the small shit like illegals, and lets make this country great again so our kids can enjoy the things we all do in our wonderful lives.

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