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teltsoive by teltsoive on 2011-10-30 21:45:41

Hi. I was doing my best to use handbrake to convert a dvd to mp4. I am doing this through a video_ts folder on my drive. I found several points online at these links and others informed handbrake was good and quick to utilize. I have no mind how good and quick (also especially fast) handbrake is to use as I loaded the dvd folder and it's been over an hour and till now it's still processing title 20 of 20. The first 19 downloaded quickly and it has been stuck on 20 for more than an hour now. The first item stated at the link below by the name of JPG said it took them 10 hours to make the conversion from [url=http://www.topvideoconverter.com/dvd-to-mp4-converter/]dvd mp4 converter[/url]. I don't have that type of time and have seen other software do the converting in as little as a half an hour. What am I doing wrong? Why is the handbrake still doing for me as this? I thought it might quickly load the DVD like other programs and then convert it for nearly an hour and be done. Can someone tell me what I need to do? Please help. Thank you.

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