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pletcherqgj by pletcherqgj on 2012-01-15 17:09:04

The United States has three major television:[url=http://www.coach-factory-online-outlet.com]coach factory online[/url] ABC, NBC and CBS. These three are the main, and some supplementary, so want to squeeze is very difficult. They take some such as "the 24 hours of this film, broadcast a week period, each issue is elaborate. If there is a big star to join, will cooperate with more expensive, make better sets, and so on. They can say is a set of independent TV series, you can watch front, also can watch behind, so every set like the movies, and this is their special environment of gestated. So the United States here with our situation is different, the least amount of television, the largest number of the cinema, television is monopoly, the cinema is free competition. We of the film, upstream has been big director, big actor monopoly, and the court line is a motion picture monopoly. In the high taxes, middle does not have how many profit. Thus, the film and television industry chain middle reaches as we Chinese manufacturing industry, take the lowest profit. In this case, don't have enough power and enough profit, to support the middle to do better in innovation. Like enterprise,[url=http://www.coach-factory-online-outlet.com]coach outlet[/url] can't transformation, only to butt in the somebody else after take some bad movie. This is a necessity

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