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Sweetcorn by Sheepwash on 2004-06-28 13:45:40

I thought I would raise the intellectual level back on the site and pose the question: Sweetcorn is it good on pizza or is it fundamentally wrong? Your views please.

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Re: Sweetcorn by tommie on 2004-06-28 19:27:32  |  Reply to this
  This is why people prefer to discuss gay issues!
Re: Sweetcorn by Kid on 2004-06-29 01:29:56  |  Reply to this
  Its good, though I think it contribute to the 'wet' feature you sometimes get on home pizzas. However, in moderation, its good. Better than tuna. Or any fish, really. Now they're wrong.
Re: Sweetcorn by Wash! on 2004-06-29 13:07:02  |  Reply to this
  Kid, see the "i hate fish" topic, or is it "i love fish", i can't remember. Anyway, i remember seeing a pizza in Italy that i comented on in that topic. It's all bad. Fish on pizza: bad!
Re: Sweetcorn by uhhhh.... on 2004-06-29 13:39:32  |  Reply to this
  -- it's ALL! GM (genetically engineered) corn now -- so no. Just say 'NO' to GM foodstuffs!!!! Thank you. My name is d.- and I approved this message...
Re: Sweetcorn by Jaffa Nips, GOAU on 2004-06-29 17:31:25  |  Reply to this
  Sweetcorn is the Daddy, the best veg in the world, better than, wait for it kid, Broccoli! Sweetcorn, Pineapple, chicken and Extra Mozerella HAS to be the ulitmate pizza topping. Tuna pizza's should be outlawed and kept in some shit country, like Wales
Re: Sweetcorn by me on 2004-07-09 03:20:16  |  Reply to this
  u can't commit suicide wiz it thus it is shite
Re: Sweetcorn by Ramathorne on 2004-07-11 02:42:35  |  Reply to this
  Ah, a subject I can talk about with true passion. Sweet corn, cob-attached or not, is in my opinion singly the nicest food in existence. The presence of sweetcorn can in no way damage a dish, it only stands to benefit. And to the original question, I only ask you to try a 'ham and sweetcorn' pizza from Persico's in Robert Town. I thank Persico's ‘ham n sweetcorn’ for my immense belly and unrealistically high standards for all other pizza take aways.