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parent: I Don't Believe It !

Re: I Don't Believe It ! by Kid on 2004-07-01 06:16:23

Colours have proper strange names nowadays, though. I blame digitalisation of everything. Because everything has to settle between boundaries, people take it upon themselves to label it, and the names become odder and odder. I'm more an analogue man, so I'm curious as to what sort of colour is Serenity Below Sub Zero. I'm guessing something pale, possibly blue, but possibly beige. Just a guess, though.

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Re: Re: I Don't Believe It ! by I.D on 2004-07-02 05:59:45  |  Reply to this
  Not just a guess, a great guess. "Serenity Below Sub-Zero" is a very pale mauve/cream colour. Not so long ago you would have been burnt at the stake as a wizard for knowing that.