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parent: prendy

Re: prendy by Wash! on 2004-07-09 16:59:34

The story Kid's writing at the mo will kick this one's arse. But hey-ho..

I went to visit Kid in Norwich in our first year on Uni. We created a football team on an old - yet stupendous - football game. Our keeper was called Prendy's Dog. And our main attacker, Prendy.

Man, i can't believe this saga has been (secretly) going on for so mnay years!!! I guess one of the reasons we never brought it up was for fear that you would think we actually knew Prendy! Cue awesome 5 year old story, about my being of someone's ass!

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Re: Re: prendy by Wash! on 2004-07-09 17:02:18  |  Reply to this
  In fact, truth be told, Ringo was our No.1 keeper, but we opted for sub-keeper - Prendy's dog - to keep goal. And boy did he do a good job. No offence, Ringo, but you've proved your worth already. Prendy's dog gets the nod.