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Thank be to Me by Ramathorne on 2004-07-11 02:50:13

Many thanks to Me and his conclusively crap entries. I’m the first person to admit that my entries stand in the shadows of literacy excellence from the likes of Wash and Kid… However, reading comments from Me gives me a sense of ‘well, never mind… we can’t all be wonderfully creative – thank god for my tiny penis and body odour problem…’. Anyway, just realised this comment has no direction… so how about naming one thing you can provide that the world can be thankful for? And the odd pop at Me I’m sure would be welcome also.

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Re: Thank be to Me by Ramathorne on 2004-07-11 07:38:50  |  Reply to this
  The world can be truly thankful for my ingenious and practical solution for recycling birthday/Christmas cards – roach material…!!! It has that rare and much sort after cardboard quality, whereby it is strong yet flexible enough to be rolled tightly without crease. Granted, one would need a serious pot habit (or very few friends) to successfully utilise all the cards, but it’s a fair start.