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parent: JC Watch

Re: JC Watch by Ramathorne on 2004-07-11 03:14:31

Recent incident number 1 - JC coming into work for 4 hours on a Sunday at the fear that he wasn't working efficiently enough. JC's proposed solution - a double moused PC. The intention being to be able to use your left mouse to highlight certain processes as they appear at the bottom of a internet browser window. Why simply 'clicking' on the URL is inefficient, only JC's unique mind can explain… and explain he will. One thing I forgot to mention is that JC talks... a lot. He's the kind of guy you have to simply walk away from to end a conversation/monologue (sounds harsh, as I 1st thought, but is the only option available). I have personal experience (as have many others) of listening to JC talk to me for 30 minutes + without breath, taking a 15 minutes phone call (whilst JC speaks on), and having JC continue to talk to me afterwards. Amazing it truly is.

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