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Wines & Wishes by Kid on 2004-07-24 15:38:11

Yes. Before you all ask. Very.
Probably because its been so long, Ringo. I don't know. My guess is that there's no pressure on me to be the adult, so I feel freer than normal. That's my guess.
Anyway, what I was going to ask - especially to Wash (and his dad) was, whether, when people go and buy wine, they go for a specific. Since I started reading (daily) I've taken more of an interest in wines. I used to work on a really boring filing job where I would get to read all the paper every day, and it seemed towards Christmas 2003 (That sounds like a long time ago) that they were forcing me to drink 'Casillero Del Diablo'. (Cellar of the devil). However, as so often, The Independent was right. It might have given Graham Coxon's album poor reviews, but the wine was good. Basically, I'm giving non-poncey wine advice, and hoping people will respond with the same.

Sorry. I've consumed too much beforehand to write a really good topic. Wash...get your dad involved. M.

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Re: Wines & Wishes by Wash! on 2004-07-25 12:32:48  |  Reply to this
  I will do, but later. I'll give you my two penneth first. I have it down to a fine art to scan the wine section 0of a supermarket looking for the cheapest one. I start at one end and work my way to the other, saying, often out loud, a commentry like "3.99, we have 3.99, can anyone beat 3.99... yes, 3.79....(points with excitement) 2.99, cool, ok, can anyone beat 2.99?" and then i proceed to buy the cheapest skankiest wine, and mix it with coke or a fanta+sugar combo to make a cheap and easy way of getting pissed in the form of either kalimotxo or sangria respectively!

If it's for a meal, then i tend to go for Bordeaux or Rioja though. And you can never go wrong with a bottle of BeaujolE.

Man i sound like my dad!
Re: Re: Wines & Wishes by Kid on 2004-07-26 01:26:43  |  Reply to this
  I've never been part of that 'cheapest wine you can get brigade', really. I've always worked on the basis that 5 minimum is low enough, really. Oh, and if its white, I tend to leave it alone. I'm not a white wine man at all
Re: Re: Re: Wines & Wishes by Wash! on 2004-07-26 04:09:00  |  Reply to this
  But you are a white man. Fact. I used to do the white wine thing until i drank 2 bottles of it along with beer and a fair amount of Cointreau in the space of about 1.5hrs. I turned to red wine then. For the record, i no longer drink Cointreau either. Beer is still a prominent part of my life though.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Wines & Wishes by Kid on 2004-07-26 05:18:21  |  Reply to this
  You know, I'd never have guessed that beer was a prominent part of your life....